Biographical Information

Rebecca Greenberg lives and works in both Brooklyn, New York and Sydney, Australia. They earned their B.A. in both Painting and Photography at Bard College. Their work has been shown throughout the country in group shows. Most recently selections from the Self-Titled series were shown at Into the Neon, a collectively curated show. www.intotheneon.com


Self-Titled is an ongoing series of large-format portraits of people in the queer community. Many of my subjects identify as transgendered or gender non-conforming, some are challenging the gender role assigned to them in other ways. This is how the images are self-titled. It is a collection of images of people who have labeled themselves or not labeled themselves however they feel the most comfortable.

In the process of shooting I like to explore the intimacy and tension between the subjects and myself. I work where they feel the most comfortable, whether that is an apartment, a job site, or another location. I believe a more complete portrait of a person is created when surrounded by intentional space. The camera captures moments between each subject and myself, nothing is staged. I am very interested in attraction, voyeurism, and the way we present ourselves to the world and how that changes when placed in an awkward situation. I give no direction when shooting. I make small talk with the subject and encourage them to merely “be” in front of the camera and me. People often do not know how to respond or are unsure of what I am looking for. It is this set up that provokes a change in dynamic that can create a sense of vulnerability. There is beauty in these moments, in times where people let their guards down and their exterior sense of self might give way to a glimpse of what is not intended to be seen.

Through my practice I am able to present the viewer the broad spectrum of gender identities beyond the limiting dichotomy of male/female, but also to further explore my own gender presentation. It is a platform for exploring the exchange of energy between people who are challenging the roles assigned to them that may be raw or scary to expose.

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